The ProDepressants have played countless shows as well as multiple festivals, and have shared the stage with some of Louisville's finest local acts, as well as a multitude of touring bands.

Most notably, The ProDepressants have performed for Louisville's own Highview Fest, the New Albany Music Festival, the 'Give Hope to the Homeless' Charity Festival, and most recently, PeteFest.

Among playing shows with other locals and helping set up shows for small touring acts, The ProDepressants have also opened for prominent bands, including Decyfer Down and Smile Empty Soul.

The ProDepressants draw influences from a vast background of groups such as AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, Jimi Hendrix, Kings of Leon, Was (Not Was), All Time Low, Guns n’ Roses, The Horrors, and Avenged Sevenfold.
The ProDepressants write music that can be most closely compared to rock groups like The Foo Fighters, The Strokes, The Killers, and Weezer.


Show History

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​The ProDepressants are a four-piece group of 20-somethings from Louisville, Kentucky. Their style has been proclaimed as funk-punk, party rock, and anything in between! Formed in 2014 by two best friends, the duo quickly reached out to local musicians who shared their passion, and soon enough, they had finalized their lineup in 2016. Their songs are a powerhouse combination of vivid storytelling lyrics and groovy rhythms that are sure to please! No two songs sound alike, so there is sure to be a song the speaks to everyone! If their sound alone doesn’t win you over, the stage performance surely will. Contorting bodies and shocking stunts draw the audience members into an energetic frenzy that, when accompanied by their music, will conjure out your inner party animal! You won’t want to miss a show.